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Pets and Fireworks

Pets and Fireworks – Hermann Heyl, Clinical Director, The Vet Waltham Forest Although this can be a very colourful and exciting time of year for people with firework...

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Trick or Treat? A quick guide to animal safety this Halloween

Paws off Keep treats off of the floor and out of reach of your pets. Chocolate in all forms is harmful to cats and dogs if you suspect that your pet has eaten chocolate...

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Autumn has Arrived

Autumn has arrived, the nights are drawing in and whilst we shelter in our warm houses, the wildlife outside your window slowly changes. Mushrooms start sprouting whilst...

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Taking your pet on Holiday

If you are planning on taking your pet on holiday this summer, or if they are going in to kennels, make sure you are prepared! Pet Passport If you are planning on...

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Dental Disease: Getting to The Root of the Problem

Dental disease is very common in dogs and cats. Food and bacteria stick to the teeth, forming a creamy coating called plaque. This hardens to form tartar, which spreads u...

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The Vet Warns About Dangers to Pets of Second-Hand Smoke

Smokers should not light up around their pets, as it can cause a host of serious health issues, warns The Vet. The clinic has issued its stark warning as ‘Stoptober’, t...

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