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Does my pet need vaccinating?

Our pets rely on us, for healthy and content lives. Therefore we are responsible for their well-being and the upkeep of their vaccinations, against fatal diseases. Your...

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Why should I get my pet spayed?

Spaying my pet – what does this mean? Neutering is the general term used to describe surgically removing some or all of the reproductive organs of your pet. In females...

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Top tips from The Vet: how to keep your rabbit healthy this winter

The cold weather can take its toll on bunnies, these top tips will help you make sure your rabbits are happy and safe this Christmas time... Move the hutch somewher...

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Rabbit diets

Over 1 million households in the UK own 1 or more rabbits, but most of these owners don’t know the correct diet and their proportions to help keep the rabbit happy and he...

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The Vet Warns About Dangers to Pets of Second-Hand Smoke

Smokers should not light up around their pets, as it can cause a host of serious health issues, warns The Vet. The clinic has issued its stark warning as ‘Stoptober’, t...

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Q&A: Winter Woes

Many owners are concerned about their pet's well-being during the winter - here are the frequently asked questions, that we received during our November Q&A: Q. I h...

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