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Why You Should Microchip Your Cat

 On April 6th  2016 the law in the UK changed making microchipping a dog a legal requirement. However, over a year and half later the law still mentions not...

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Pets and Fireworks

Pets and Fireworks – Hermann Heyl, Clinical Director, The Vet Waltham Forest Although this can be a very colourful and exciting time of year for people with firework...

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Why neuter your pet?

Why get your pet neutered? At The Vet, we offer a high-quality neutering service for cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets and other furry friends. And it costs a lot less than y...

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Caring for your pets in the cold winter months

The changes that occur in the winter season can be dangerous for your pets. From icy pathways to de-icing agents, you’d be surprised by the amount of risks that are ar...

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Trick or Treat? A quick guide to animal safety this Halloween

Paws off Keep treats off of the floor and out of reach of your pets. Chocolate in all forms is harmful to cats and dogs if you suspect that your pet has eaten chocolate...

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Why your pet's teeth should be checked

Dental disease in cats and dogs is very common and if left untreated can lead to severe issues such as heart disease and kidney failure. Did you know that at The Vet w...

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